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At Home with Pets – SKylos, Cones and a Pool Stephanie one of our overseas members had a great article written about her in the Cyprus news

Krithika Ramesh is working in India in the small animal hospital and she has very kindly written a great peice about the Hospital below .


Cessnalifeline is a 10 year old establishment, from a small clinic to now a big Veterinary Hospital. I am a part of it since the last 2.5 years Not being from veterinary background, I volunteered for 6 months to learn the trade before I joined full time. 

As of today Cessnalifeline has facilities for Surgeries, Lab & Diagnostics, Critical care, Training, Physiotherapy, Grooming, Pharmacy.............and is a 24/7 facility.Our department of Physiotherapy is fairly new and mainly focuses on Hydrotherapy, Infrared Therapy and Physical massages PROM and other balance, strengthening exercise as We will be soon venturing on Phototherapy (Blue/Red) and ultrasound as well, on a large scale. 

Our swimming pool is about 6ft depth and we follow a stringent protocol when it comes to cleaning. We clean it every day with a dedicated person just for it, it also has an Ozone filter, we also use low intense chlorine, Hair trap is used and superficial cleaning is done after each We also maintain the protocol when it comes to Physiotherapy clients, we take appointmentsin advance to avoid confusions. Clients will sign a consent form which will have the exercise regime, amount, rules and regulations etc.......

Complete history of the animal is taken by us, IR is given if required before any exercise or swim floater is fitted to the dog and taken for a swim with one person inside the pool , this is done only for a couple of times till the dog is at ease to swim. Other times they are left on their own with a person to monitor and some toys (Specially for young energetic dogs) , we make sure dog gets pre-shower and post-shower, that is before and after swim.Observation during exercise would be very important (looking at gums, energy pattern, panting, drooling, eyes etc....) and we monitor the dog’s behaviour throughout.Since all dogs need motivation we involve one person (owner) along with the dog and his toy (his/her ball) for swimming. 

Our number of clients have increased from 4 per day to 10 per day average, I am also given I personally enjoy the love all animals give and that satisfied look on owners face when the dogs get well and go home happy!!!!!!!!!

Some photos of Cessnalifeline are as below:     



One of the FHO surgeries that I was a part of - Sam, Swimming after surgery




Giving IR before PROM exercise – Making a presentation on Physiotherapy


Simba Before photo (IVDD) Hind paralysis - Simba After 8 months of Rehab





During practicals, one of the South African students, Stephanie, got to spend some time observing orthopaedic surgeons at work. Pictured here just before going into theatre.





IAAT has a number of overseas members and Kylie Shepherd is our  representive on the team . 

Based in Zimbabwe and operating in Southern Africa, Equestrian Performance boasts an exciting range of services including the first of its kind Rider Performance Program.   Together with internationally accredited consultant strength and conditioning coach Craig Bonthrone (MSc, BSc, NSCA), Equestrian Performance monitor physiological and biomechanical parameters of riders to improve fitness, strength and postural awareness through periodised training programs for riders seeking to improve performance.  Kylie (Pg Dip AnPhys, BSc (Hons)) is passionate about education and frequently holds interactive seminars with collaboration from other professionals.  In May she held a horse and rider performance seminar in association with Craig which covered areas of symmetry, gait analysis and the biomechanical and physiological demands of riding.

Being able to offer Equine Physiotherapy, nutritional advice and exercise programmes for horses in combination with rider assessments, fitness programmes and massage for riders enable us to maximise our results when working with the Equestrian partnership.

Natasha Lotter in South Africa is one of our overseas trainers living in Durban 

Australia: Rebecca Harvey


Rebecca works in a referral hospital in the Sydney area, with specialist veterinarians in all fields.  She mostly works with the surgery team who specialise in hips, knees, as well as spinal patients.  She also works with the medicine and neurology team on any of their neurological patients.  She is then involved in outpatient rehabilitation once they are discharged from hospital.


Luxemborg: Nathalie Janssen


Nathalie graduated with distinction in November 2014 from TCAP and consequently opened her own dog physiotherapy practise in Luxembourg called Fitdog. Nathalie specializes in canine physiotherapy and offers services ranging from massage and stretching, therapeutic exercices, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to hydrotherapy via an underwater treadmill. Like many of our members, Nathalie continues to expand her knowledge base and is also certified in kinesiology taping, Breuss-Dorn treatment and TTouch in addition to canine sports massage (certification due Nov 2015). She offers educational seminars for dog owners centred around dog massage, first aid etc.