International Association of Animal Therapists


Gemma Pearce-Christopher

Gemma Pearce-Christopher, a recent graduate of TCAP's, attended a local dog training centre's open day to talk about physiotherapy and to promote her business.

Gemma says "Charismatic Pets open day provided a great opportunity for me to meet potential new clients and to offer hands on advice to dog owners. It was brilliant to meet a wide variety of dogs of varying ages, many of whom take part in agility, fly ball and other classes run by Charismatic Pets. Many owners asked whether physiotherapy can be used as a routine or preventive treatment rather than to treat a specific injury. The answer is yes, physiotherapy is widely used to maintain an animals health throughout their life.” By checking for and addressing areas of muscle tension, pain or asymmetric muscle development it is possible to help prevent more serious issues from developing as your dog ages." 

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