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Cuppa Tea With The Vet

IAAT Member, Donna Wills, owner, and founder of Animal Physiotherapy Ltd has been conducting interviews with vets via Facebook and Youtube, which are also available on Spotify.

An exciting new podcast where you can come and have a chat with the Vet!

On this week's Cuppa Tea with the Vet, T.V. vet Paul Manktelow joins Donna for a chat!

Paul Manktelow has been a veterinary surgeon for nearly 20 years, working on the front line in some of the UK’s busiest veterinary hospitals. As Principal Vet at PDSA, he leads a team of vets and nurses that treat hundreds of thousands of pets every year.

"Paul is also a great fan of physio and believes we need to embrace paraprofessionals to give the animals a holistic care program. He can prescribe the medications, but the physio needs to do the rest!"

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