International Association of Animal Therapists


Current statement from IAAT regarding Covid 19

Further to the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday, we would like to update IAAT members with our guidelines on returning to work.

From Wednesday, the Government have announced that anyone who is unable to work from home, can return to work but that social distancing measures must be followed.  

We cannot advise you to return to work.  Our advice always has been and will continue to be “stay at home”.  However, should you wish to continue to treat animals under emergency care, then you need to ensure your insurance company is happy for you to do so and that you have the necessary vet’s consent to undertake the treatment.  If you do decide to go ahead, then it is advisable to take heed of the following:

You must be comfortable that the client’s area is risk free.  It is advisable to carry out a risk assessment prior to attending the client.

You must remain socially distant whilst at the client’s premises and for safety reasons, only one other person should be present whilst treatment takes place.  You must keep 2m apart from each other at all times.

Ensure that you only travel in your own vehicle.  It is advisable to keep hand sanitiser with you to use before and after each client visit and make sure you clean your equipment thoroughly after each visit.

It is recommended that you wear face masks and gloves whilst visiting clients.  Please remember to dispose of any gloves safely after treatment and to wear a clean pair at every appointment.

If you are working in an enclosed space (for example, if your clients come to you at your home) ask the client to wait outside until you come to collect them.  If the client enters your property, please consider asking them to wear face masks and gloves as well. 

In order to reduce infection, it is advisable to see the same person on each visit.  If you have to visit a yard where you are treating multiple animals, try to insist on speaking to just person.

If you are in any doubt of any of the above points, DO NOT ATTEND THE APPOINTMENT.  Please use your common sense and stay safe.  We still need to ensure we are protecting our families, the client and their families, and the wider population.

The Prime Minister has made it very clear that this is stage 1 of returning to some sort of normality, however, he has stated that lockdown will be reinstated if the virus is seen to be increasing at any point.

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