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IAAT CPD Tony Nevin at Warminster Saddle Club

Had the most fascinating day with Tony Nevin at Warminster Saddle Club yesterday treating what he refers to as 'chronics'. Horses that aren't clinically lame, but are deteriorating in performance or showing minor pathological changes in the joints.

Tony had us watching these horses move for 15 minutes+ an analysing their gaits. Where were they placing their weight down the limb? How were their pelvises moving? Where were they placing their limbs? What was their head, face and neck doing during the walk, trot and turn? It tuned us in to notice more than just a 'lame' horse.

Treatment plans came in the form of gentle manipulations to alter the way the horse holds itself and to return the body to homeostasis. It was very gentle and can take time, but even in one ten minute treatment we could see the results, the horses were so relaxed they were nearly passed out!!!

A brilliant day and I can't wait to try out some of the ideas and techniques on my clients!!!

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