International Association of Animal Therapists


IAAT at the London Vet show

The two days were very worthwhile as we managed to chat to a lot of vets to let them know about IAAT who we are and what we do . 

"The London Vet show was great. There with my physio hat on hopefully educating other professionals about the valubale work we do. Also had the chance to promote the magazine. A great couple of days all round." Hannah Ashton

"Vets are very interested in what we do and let's face it we can't do it without them, 
The vet show is not about getting more members but more getting vets on board and being seen." Donna Boddie 

"Yes, very successful, lots of great conversations with vets, student vets, vet nurses....... The most interesting things was the number of vets asking us to do talks/presentations etc. Many said that they had one day at uni covering all types of therapy, they really don't know all that much about what we can do, but they want to! Education, Education, Education......." Wendy Vaughan 


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