International Association of Animal Therapists


IAAT CPD Taping 26th August

ABOUT THIS CPD... Presented by 

Georgia Keegan. Georgia is a 

Veterinary Physiotherapist 

covering Berkshire and surrounding areas. Her specific areas of 

interest are equine back pathology, rehabilitation, massage, 

fascial release, and kinesiology taping for the equine athlete. 

Georgia is a certified Equi-Taping® Practitioner and a member 

of the Equi-Taping® Educational Team.


Donna Boddie Great day today - thank u 

Natasha Morris A great day thank you very much!

Jo Neal-Pasetti Agreed, really good day. You're a mine of information as ever x

 Kate Boe -Had a great intro to Equine Taping!

 Amy Sharples-Great day at cane end livery for equi-taping CPD 



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