International Association of Animal Therapists


Animal Therapy Magazine Launch

The Animal Therapy magazine has been launched by a group of passionate professionals to serve a need in the industry for a publication that reaches practitioners, vets and end-users alike. 

July saw it's launch of the  exciting new publication dedicated to the field of Animal Therapy.  The publication's sole aim is to inform professionals and owners of current and pioneering treatments and techniques.

Featuring interviews with top professionals in the field, real life case studies and up-to-date news and reviews, Animal Therapy Magazine is a must have for anyone involved with animals; whether that is in a professional capacity, pet owner or both.

Since the release, the team have been overwhelmed with the success and positivity.  Not only has it been enjoyed by UK residents, but it has also been read in America, Australia, Japan, China, Luxemburg, Holland, Sweden and many more.

Issue 2 is out late October, so watch out for this.  You can read our online copy at


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