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Kylie Shepherd - Equestrian Performance training

Based in Zimbabwe and operating in Southern Africa, Equestrian Performance boasts an exciting range of services including the first of its kind Rider Performance Program.   Together with internationally accredited consultant strength and conditioning coach Craig Bonthrone (MSc, BSc, NSCA), Equestrian Performance monitor physiological and biomechanical parameters of riders to improve fitness, strength and postural awareness through periodised training programs for riders seeking to improve performance.  Kylie (Pg Dip AnPhys, BSc (Hons)) is passionate about education and frequently holds interactive seminars with collaboration from other professionals.  In May she held a horse and rider performance seminar in association with Craig which covered areas of symmetry, gait analysis and the biomechanical and physiological demands of riding.

Being able to offer Equine Physiotherapy, nutritional advice and exercise programmes for horses in combination with rider assessments, fitness programmes and massage for riders enable us to maximise our results when working with the Equestrian partnership.

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