International Association of Animal Therapists
Continued Professional Development

Rehab on Canine Front Limb

With Alan Gardner – Ticknall, Derby

£50 CPD (6 hours IAAT accredited)


The front limbs and shoulders are subject to concussive forces, which can result in soft tissue strains.  In a performance dog, this may show as a reluctance to work or abnormal gait pattern.  This workshop will cover both electro and manual therapies, typically used to treat these injuries.  Additionally, we will review physiotherapy based exercises to treat both acute and chronic strains and rehabilitate the dog back into work.

Having a working knowledge of dog anatomy is suggested to obtain maximum benefit from the day.  You are welcome to bring your dog with you, but they must be comfortable being caged during the classroom element.  Please advise if you will be bringing a dog, and how many.

Alan is an animal physiotherapist specialising in fitness and rehabilitation of agility dogs.  The recommendations presented are based on actual case studies and therefore have been proven in application.

To book onto the day, please email and quote reference 27OCTAG

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