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Canine Exercise Therapy Webinars

Canine Exercise Therapy with Carlie Wood, Animal Physiotherapist

Dates: 30th Sept, 28th Oct, and 25th of Nov 2021

Where: Zoom, lasting about an hour  

Cost: £10 per webinar. There is no obligation to do all 3 but they do tie into one another. 

To register contact me at: 

Webinar 1: 

  • What Exercise Therapy is
  • Precautions 
  • Aims and Benefits of exercise therapy for the dog 
  • Principals surrounding exercise therapy - Understand these to understand what Aim you are trying to achieve and what exercises will help you to achieve that aim
  • Canine learning and how best to get your dog to perform the exercises.

Webinar 2: 

  • Designing an exercise program - incorporating various aims, outcomes and their limitations. 
  • Linking the exercise to the goal.
  • Including: 

    •Range of motion 

    •Aerobic Conditioning 


    •Muscle power 


    •Neuromuscular control 


    •High intensity Interval Training 

    •Deceleration Training 

  • •Proprioception 

Webinar 3: Practicing the exercises. 

We will go through a range of exercises and get a chance to practice them and have feedback. 


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