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Business Day

BUSINESS DAY with Jemma Cooper, BSc RVN DipAniPhys MIAAT owner of JCB Animal Physio Rehabilitation Centre


6 hours CPD - 8th and 16th November 6-9pm

A jam-packed, fun-filled online evening taking a look into the ins and outs of the business world! Find out how to maximise your business potential, what suites your own personal situation, and how to make your passion and career a successful one.

Covering topics from starting out, to the Law’s involved, marketing, social media, and accounts, to how to put yourself out there to vets and new clients!

  • How to set up your own business/website/logo etc
  • The Law's involved
  • Day to day running 
  • Vet referral and how to make this easy
  • Report writing/Analysis of what works
  • Clinical history breakdown: what’s important what’s not 
  • Templates for each client or patient/ notes etc
  • GDPR what you need to know and how to conform 
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Marketing your business Social media etc
  • Accounts what you should know and do?

£100 for IAAT Members, £120 for non-members

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