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Rehab practitioners role in regenerative medicine

The rehabilitation practitioners role in regenerative medicine ONLINE CPD via ZOOM

With Emily Ashdown, Animal Physiotherapist and laser therapy and rehabilitation product specialist for Companion Animal Health.

Monday 22nd November 2021, 10am - 1pm

Regenerative medicine is a fast growing area in the Veterinary industry. It has been utilised for many years in the Equine world but more recently has proved beneficial in small animals. This CPD will introduce the world of Regenerative medicine looking at Platelet rich plasma and Stem cells, how they work and what they are used to treat. We will then explore the use of Laser therapy alongside regenerative medicine and how it impacts the treatment as well as looking at how practitioners can support patients  with rehabilitation in the first and latter stages of this treatment as well as what they should avoid. 

3-hour CPD: £50 for IAAT members, £60 for non-IAAT members

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