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Canine Behaviour & Handling Skills CPD

Canine Behaviour and Handling Skills for the Therapist CPD

With Alison Garforth (Canine Behaviourist and Massage Therapist) and Rebeccah Baylis (Veterinary Physiotherapist). 

Date: Saturday 2nd October 2021

Time: 9.30am -4pm

Venue: Somerset


As the world opens up after lockdown, therapists are seeing more and more canines, this is great! However, there has also been an increase in unwanted behaviour and we are seeing more and more dogs that struggle with touch, may have issues with resource guarding, fear, aggression, a lack of confidence and more.  

This fantastic CPD explores ways we can treat these dogs that don't fit in to the "traditional therapy setting", using a whole new range of touch techniques, wraps  and closure games to help ensure that we are offering the best we can to our clients and their canines:

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