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An Introduction to Training Horses with Food

Understand Horses is a new online education platform, created by equine behaviour consultant, Justine Harrison.  Their courses are aimed at horse owners, equine students and industry professionals.

Would you like to learn how to train horses with food safely and effectively?

How we handle and train our horses is extremely important, not just for our horse's welfare but also for the effect that it has on our relationship and our safety. More horse owners and trainers are looking for humane, compassionate methods of training so positive reinforcement (reward-based training) using food is becoming more popular. 

This course, from equine behaviour consultant and trainer Trudi Dempsey, is an introduction to training horses with food. Trudi discusses the pros and cons of training using food rewards, as well as giving you tips on how to improve your training skills and troubleshoot any problems you may be having.

 You will learn:

• How to improve your training skills

• How to set your horse up for success in training

• The basic principles of positive reinforcement training

• How to train calm behaviour around food

• How to recognise the early signs of stress in your horse

• The best foods to use in training

• Troubleshooting tips for training problems around food

• Tips to improve your horse’s behaviour and reduce stress

This course is aimed at horse owners, students and equestrian professionals interested in learning about horse behaviour. It is suitable for anyone who is considering training their horse with food or for those who are already doing so. You don't need any prior knowledge about horse behaviour to take this course.

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