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Understand Equine Body Language

Understand Horses is a new online education platform, created by equine behaviour consultant, Justine Harrison.  Their courses are aimed at horse owners, equine students and industry professionals.

In the Understanding Equine Body Language course, you will gain a better understanding of how horses communicate. Being able to read their body language can help you improve your relationship with your own horse and give you the confidence to make better-informed choices about riding, handling and training and help keep you safe every day. 

This course, from equine behaviour consultant Justine Harrison, is an introduction to equine body language and communication. You will benefit from an improved understanding of how your own horse behaves and how they communicate with each other as well as gaining new practical skills to recognise when your horse is stressed, frightened, relaxed or in pain.

 You will learn:

• How horses communicate

• How to read equine body language 

• How posture and different parts of the body can convey what the horse is feeling

• How to recognise pain, stress and fear

• How to assess the horse’s emotional thresholds

• When is the best time to train your horse

• How we misinterpret equine body language

• Tips to improve your horse’s behaviour and reduce stress

This course is aimed at horse owners, students and equestrian professionals interested in learning about horse behaviour. You don't need any prior knowledge about horse behaviour to take this course.

Click here for more information and to enrol onto the course.

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