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An Introduction to Horse Nutrition

Understand Horses is a new online education platform, created by equine behaviour consultant, Justine Harrison.  Their courses are aimed at horse owners, equine students and industry professionals.

Would you like to understand what your horse needs in their diet?

A better understanding of the horse’s natural feeding patterns, digestive system and nutrient requirements can help you provide a more balanced and appropriate diet for your horse, with consideration of their behavioural needs, welfare and gut health.

This course, from equine behaviour consultant and university lecturer Rosa Verwijs, is an introduction to feeding horses. You will benefit from an improved understanding of typical horse feed ingredients and how they fuel the horse with energy, provide essential nutrients for growth and performance, as well as which nutrients typically cause disruption to the gastrointestinal tract and may be responsible for behavioural problems associated with common feeding practices. Tips on selecting more appropriate feeds and ideas for enrichment will enable you to provide a more appropriate diet for your horse to thrive on and feeding strategies they will enjoy.

You will learn:

• What horses naturally choose to feed on in different habitats

• The pros and cons of different types of management

• The effects of seasons on the diet

• The structure and function of the digestive system

• Key nutrients in the horse’s diet

• Common ingredients and the nutrients they provide

• How to provide an appropriate ration

• How certain nutrients challenge gut health

• When and how to feed supplements

• How feed can affect behaviour

• The pros and cons of using grazing muzzles

• Causes and solutions for feeding-related behaviour problems

• Tips on providing feed in a more enriching way for better welfare

This course is aimed at horse owners, students and equestrian professionals interested in learning about horse nutrition. You don't need any prior knowledge about horse nutrition to take this course.

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