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Horses Behaving Badly?

Understand Horses is a new online education platform, created by equine behaviour consultant, Justine Harrison.  Their courses are aimed at horse owners, equine students and industry professionals.

Horses with behaviour problems often end up in rescue, pass through the hands of numerous owners, or are sold at auctions where they may be purchased for meat.  The horse's behaviour is also a commonly cited reason for people to seek emergency medical treatment each year. When owners and trainers have an understanding of both normal and 'abnormal' behavioural development in horses it can help mitigate such issues, while also improving horse welfare.

This course, from clinical animal behaviourist and horse behaviour consultant Lauren Fraser, is an introduction to behavioural development in horses.  It will look at how the behaviour of the horse develops as both a species and individual, what behaviour problems are, and why they occur. It will also touch on what is recommended to resolve issues.  

 You will learn:

• How the 'Dead Horse Test' can help your understanding of behaviour

• How behaviour develops in both the species and individual

• The three 'sensitive' phases of behavioural development of the foal

• Factors during development that can impact behaviour

 • Common causes for unwanted behaviour in horses

• Techniques used – and avoided – to address unwanted behaviour

and much more.

This course is aimed at horse owners, students and equestrian professionals interested in learning about horse behaviour. You don't need to have any prior knowledge of horse behaviour to take this course.

Click here for more information or to book yourself onto the course.

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