International Association of Animal Therapists
Continued Professional Development

Canine Wound Management & First Aid

A popular canine CPD day, run by Sarah Bernasconi.  This day will cover the following areas:
•    Acute wound management
•    What type of bandage to use on different wounds
•    Do they need veterinary attention?
•    Arterial/venous bleeding
•    What scrub/treatment can be used on wounds and where?
•    Chronic wound management
•    How often to re-bandage with what
•    Patient interference/prevention
•    Client compliance/bandage care
•    Secondary intention healing
•    Surgical wound management
•    Asepsis before surgery
•    Drug use to prevent infection/pain
•    Suture material and suture patterns
•    Demonstrations
•    Bandaging
•    Paws
•    Head/ear
•    Robert Jones
•    First Aid
•    Low blood sugar
•    Seizure
•    Fractures
•    Hyperthermia
•    Wounds

Attendance at this CPD costs £70.
To book your place please email and quote reference 19JUNSB

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