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Case Study


Soft tissue repair with Phototherapy

The attack had torn his skin in several places and ripped his right jugular vein.  Immediately going

into surgery, the jugular vein was removed and it took 56 stitches repair his neck.  It was very touch 

and go!

Spencer was referred to me 1 week after the incident as the vet was 

keen to maintain the health of the remaining tissue as parts had 

become necrotic.

An intensive course of both blue and red phototherapy was 

implemented, seeing him daily for a week, followed by every other 

day for 2 weeks and then twice a week until the skin had fully healed.

Although the skin had clearly started to die off and there were 

initially some concerns that Spencer may need some skin graphs, the 

intensive use of phototherapy enabled the skin cells to repair 

underneath the blackening skin and over time the top layer sloughed 

off leaving very healthy, strong tissue.

Spencer has now returned to full health with very little scarring and 

he thoroughly enjoys his walks again.


How Phototherapy works

LASER Therapy – Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  When the light strikes the 

tissue, the energy is dispersed into that tissue causing temporary changes to its biological structure / 

cell potential (sodium potassium ratio)

Laser therapy comes in the form of either red or blue phototherapy

Red Phototherapy

 Encourages the release of endorphins

 Encourages the proliferation of cells essential for tissue repair

 Prepares muscle for manual techniques 

 Optimises epithelial growth 

 Reduces scar tissue 

 Prevents of proud flesh 

 Increases vaso-dilation 

 Accelerates collagen synthesis 

Blue phototherapy

 Destroys superficial bacteria 

 Treats skin conditions 

 Reduces suture breakdown 

 Assists acceptance of skin grafts 

 Treats chronic low grade infections

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