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Case Study


Physio and rehab for Equine Pelvic fracture

He was immediately referred back to the vet for further investigation where more diagnostic tests

were needed.

Following blood tests and a bone scan it was revealed he had bilateral fractures of the ilium (within 

his pelvis)

He was taken away from the training yard and onto a rehabilitation yard to begin 10 weeks of box 

rest.  He was rescanned at 10 weeks and given the go ahead to begin walking.

He walked every day, starting at 10 minutes twice daily, increasing by 10 minutes each week until he 

was able to walk for 40 minutes twice daily with no adverse effects.

After a veterinary check, 6 weeks since commencing his walking, he was cleared to be turned away 

for the summer, some well earned grass and sunshine on his back.

Since returning to work he has won twice over fences and looks very well.

Physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy was implemented 2 weeks into box rest with laser therapy and massage.  Whilst box 

rest was essential for this injury, we have to consider the impact of no exercise on their internal 


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