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Case Study


Physiotherapy for tendon / ligament injury

Ultrasound therapy is an effective treatment of tendon and ligament injuries and works by

encouraging the regeneration of cells to aid healing.

Ellie underwent an intensive course of ultrasound therapy, treating her daily for one week, followed 

by every other day for 2 weeks then twice weekly for 3 weeks and finally once a week taking us up to 

8 weeks.

At 8 weeks Ellie was re-scanned and significant changes had occurred prompting a referral for 

further ultrasound therapy until her final scan 6 months after the initial injury.

Please see the images below which show the changes at each scan.

June – pre ultrasound treatment.  The darker area is the core 

lesion of the check ligament 

August – Good evidence of healing with the darker area less 

apparent and more organisation of fibres.

November –  Very little evidence of original core lesion and well organised fibre patterns.

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