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Case Study


Lame Cob, Mare, Tilly

Horse: Tilly  Owner: Jennie Stickland

14hh, 6 year old, Cob, Mare.

History: Tilly was ridden by not her usual rider, she became lame in due to trotting fast barefoot on hard roads and stony tracks, plus her saddle had been placed too far back. Being a cob she is very short coupled and so the saddle was sitting beyond the first rib. Tilly was seen by the vet, put on bute and rested. 4 weeks later, she was sound in front and now has front shoes on but still lame behind. Owner reported Tilly became very reactive to being tacked up.

Observation: On the trot up Tilly is very short strided with a short retraction phase of the hind limbs. On palpation Tilly was tight EVERYWHERE! Especially reactive lumbars/gluteal tongue.

Treatment: Massage, stretches, longwave ultrasound from T15 to SIJ regions on both sides.

Owner homework: Carrot stretches.

Followup: Second visit 24/4

Observation: Tilly has improved stride length, much more relaxed through back and hamstrings. Still a bit tight through the thoracic sling.

Treatment: Massage, stretches - especially worked on releasing her shoulder. Longwave ultrasound T15 to SIJ regions on both sides.

 Owner homework: Carrot stretches.

Followup: phone call, Tilly is back to her happy self and being ridden again by her usual rider.

A case study conducted by IAAT Member Melinda De Smidt (member number 1587).


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